Entreprises étrangeres

Do not hesitate to contact Midocar+ to discover all the formulas at your disposal.

  • Replacement vehicles.
  • Urgent needs of short duration.
  • Delivery and return on site work.
  • Provision outside working hours.

With Midocar+, companies benefit from an offer adapted to their specificities:

  • Delivery of the car and recovery to the place where you want (airports, hotels, place of work ...)
  • Wide choice of vehicles
  • Issuance of the rental invoice to the handling of the car on your request at the time of booking
  • Payment either by credit card at the time of picking up the car or by bank transfer made by the accounting department of your company
  • Roundtrip transfers to the airport or hotels. Because every company is different, we offer car rental offers according to your needs

Midocar+ also offers monthly rental plans (monthly rentals) to best meet your car rental needs.

To have answers to all your car rental questions in Morocco and to have a free quote, with the best quality / price / service.

Please contact us via our contact details on the contact page.