GPS Midocar

No longer want to lose you and find it hard to find your way? Let GPS guide you

Drive with confidence wherever you are. No need to fight with road maps, desperate for street signs, or have to stop asking for directions. Less time lost for business travelers. More tranquility for leisure renters.

Book the GPS by completing the booking request form. Do not hesitate and leave serene ... The GPS is very easy to install. Ask Midocar+ to take care of your vehicle, it will be in your car against 3 Euros / day. à la prise en charge de votre véhicule, il sera dans votre voiture contre 3 Euros /jour.

Baby seats and luggage rack

We put at your disposal, baby seats adapted and compliant with European standards, all you need to do is just to mention it during your booking request. these baby seats will be available to you when you deliver your car for 2 Euros / day.

We also offer you the possibility of ordering a rack adapted to the type of vehicle requested.